Jennifer Rubin: Gov. Bob McDonnell Should Resign

Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, who once floated Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell as a GOP vice presidential nominee in 2012, on Monday called on the embattled executive to step down in wake of an ever-widening gifts scandal:

If he was blind or chose to avert his eyes from what his wife was up t,o he might escape criminal liability, but it sure doesn’t meet the standard Virginians expect of public servants, let alone their governor. McDonnell’s apology is the classic too little, too late damage control we’ve become used to in Washington, D.C. But Virginians pride themselves on having a clean, responsible state government.


Whatever the feds’ decision, it would behoove McDonnell to consider resigning. His effectiveness as governor is over. His behavior doesn’t warrant his continued presence in the executive mansion. And he is doing his party’s candidates no favors by hanging around until November.

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