Dems’ Likely Nominee For Georgia Governor Is Open To Arming Teachers


How hostile is Georgia to gun control? The state’s presumptive Democratic nominee for governor recently voted for a bill to let Georgians carry guns in bars, schools, churches and government buildings. And he’s supportive of communities who want to arm teachers.

State Sen. Jason Carter appeared Monday on MSNBC and defended his vote for the pro-gun bill, which Gov. Nathan Deal (R), who is running for reelection in November, intends to sign into law this week.

“I think the 2nd Amendment is important to many people in Georgia,” Carter said, admitting he’s heard from national Democrats who are “upset or angry” about the bill but insisting he helped improve it. “Ultimately you’re talking about people who have a license to carry in a state where the 2nd Amendment is incredibly important.”

Host Chuck Todd asked him, “Do you think that teachers should be armed in schools — do you think that would help with deal with a potential mass shooter?”

Cater said communities should have that option if it makes them feel safer.

“Look, I think what we’ve done is we’ve allowed communities to make those decisions for themselves. I mean, there’s not an issue that I know of that’s more geographically polarizing than guns,” he said. “And there are some communities in my state that will feel safer if their school districts are allowed to make those decisions, and there are other communities where they won’t. And those communities will get to decide for themselves.”

Carter was also asked about his his grandfather, former President Jimmy Carter, who is also a former governor of Georgia. “I love my grandfather and I think that the real issues that we confront as a state are about the future of our state,” he said.