Israeli Ambassador To Step Down This Fall

Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, announced he is stepping down this Fall in a post on his Facebook page Friday.

“After more than four years, during which I had the honor of serving as Israel’s ambassador to our most important ally, the United States of America, I will conclude my term this fall. I am grateful for the opportunity to represent the State of Israel and its Government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to the United States, President Barack Obama, the Congress, and the American people,” Oren wrote. “Israel and the United States have always enjoyed a special relationship and, throughout these years of challenge, I was privileged to take part in forging even firmer bonds. I want to thank Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for affording me this extraordinary opportunity and to the communities which have hosted me so warmly across the United States. I look forward to continue serving the people of Israel in the future and further strengthening the historic U.S.-Israel alliance.”

Israeli Army radio reported Friday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s senior adviser Ron Dermer will be appointed Israel’s next ambassador to the United States, according to the Times of Israel. Last December, Israeli officials denied a report that Oren requested to end his tenure this year and would be replaced by Dermer.