Internal Dem Poll: Ohio, Iowa Voters Trust Obama Over Romney On Welfare

Voters in Ohio and Iowa trust President Obama over Mitt Romney on handling the issue of welfare, according to new polls commissioned by the pro-Obama group Priorities USA Action and shared with TPM.

The likely voters surveyed were asked, “Please tell me who you think would be better on that issue — Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.”

The Ohio poll, conducted by Global Strategy Group, found voters prefer Obama to Romney by a 43-35 point margin.

The Iowa poll, conducted by Garin-Hart-Yang, found voters trust Obama over Romney by a 41-34 percent margin.

The surveys come just ahead of a Republican-led House vote Thursday to block the Obama administration from letting states waive the welfare reform law’s work requirements if they develop alternate ways to help recipients find jobs. Mitt Romney has hammered the president’s move on the campaign trail, accusing him — inaccurately — of gutting the essence of the law.