In CA, Support Of Same-Sex Marriage Jumps 8 Points In One Year

A new California Field Poll finds support of same-sex marriage at the highest point ever recorded. Fifty-nine percent of registered voters favor allowing same-sex couples to marry, while 34 percent disapprove and 7 percent had no opinion. The poll represents a substantial shift from last year. Just 12 months ago, only 51 percent approved of gay marriage and 42 percent opposed it. 

Dividing respondents into party affiliation and demographics, only those who are Republican/conservative disapproved, while moderates joined liberals in favor of gay marriage. Along party lines, 69 percent of Democrats approved, 67 percent of nonpartisans approved and 39 percent of Republicans approved. Among people who consider themselves middle-of-the-road, 64 percent approved. 

Minority voters, often blamed for the passage of Prop. 8 — California’s anti-gay marriage ballot initiative voters approved in 2008 — also now favor same-sex marriage: 53 percent of Latino voters approve, while 38 percent disapprove; and 50% of black or Asian-American voters approved while 46 percent disapproved.