Huckabee, Gingrich: Obama Is ‘Very Different’ Than George Washington

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich paid a visit to Mike Huckabee’s radio show Friday, and the conversation kicked off with the two conservative leaders discussing how President Barack Obama is “very different” than George Washington.

Gingrich will be delivering an online lecture about the first president on Friday afternoon live from Mount Vernon, Washington’s plantation home. 

“This is a very different president than our first one,” Huckabee said. “George Washington was so adamant that we would not have a king and I thought, ‘Well, gosh, we’ve done pretty well until 2008 and now I thnk we may have ended up with one.’ Am I too far off in saying that there’s probably never been a greater contrast than George Washington than Barack Obama?”

Gingrich concurred, arguing that Obama’s “shenanigans” run counter to Washington’s “reticence” and “desire to be a good citizen.”

“I think that if you look at — first of all, Washington’s reticence, his desire to be a good citizen, his desire to be a positive force,” Gingrich said. “I think he would look at some of the current shenanigans, he would look at the grotesque manipulation of the sequester, and he would think that it was disgraceful, that it was everything that he stood against because he really believe that you should put the country first, not partisan advantage and not factional skirmishing. In fact, he warns against factions and says that this kind of maneuvering will undermine and weaken the whole country.”

Listen to the interview here.