House GOP Plans Vote On Debt Limit


House Republican leaders are planning to vote Wednesday on their proposal to lift the debt limit for about one year. It’ll be tied to undoing recently enacted cuts to military retirement benefits, and paid for by extending mandatory sequester cuts to Medicare providers for one extra year, multiple GOP lawmakers confirmed to TPM.

The future is uncertain as Reps. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Mo Brooks (R-AL) told reporters coming out of a conference meeting that Republicans don’t have anywhere near the votes to pass it alone, and need Democratic support.

Democrats support the policy to reverse cost-of-living increases to military benefits, and the sequester pay-for. But they don’t want to couple that with the debt limit.

“Doing it on the debt ceiling is just playing games with our military retirees,” said a House Democratic leadership aide.

Republican leaders intend to post the bill Monday night and whip support for it. The Wednesday vote isn’t officially scheduled yet.