House GOP Prepares To Gut Obama Legacy On Immigration, Overtime


House Republicans are preparing to gut Obamacare, but they also eyeing other ways to cut further into Obama’s legacy.

Republicans plan to roll back rules written under the Obama administration as a way to reset the policy agenda.

According to Politico, House Republicans plan to use the Congressional Review Act, a piece of legislation that gives Congress the ability to overturn administration laws that were written in the 60 previous legislative days with just a simple majority in the Senate.

Republicans, according to Politico, plan to roll back DAPA, an Obama administration order that gave the parents of DREAMers legal status to stay in the U.S. without fear of deportation. Republicans also want to reverse Obama’s fiduciary rule, which was designed to eliminate conflicts of interests for financial advisers who were balancing corporate clients and individual investors. The other rule Republicans want to eliminate is an overtime rule that requires companies pay overtime to employees making $47,000 or less a year, Politico reported.

Republicans are also prioritizing tax cuts, according to the Politico piece. While they will use the procedural process known as budget reconciliation to repeal and replace Obamacare as soon as January, they are also considering using another budget reconciliation process for the 2018 budget to push through tax cuts.