Book: Clinton Vets Started Prepping For 2016 On Election Night 2012


Hillary Clinton campaign veterans were already laying the groundwork for their former boss’ potential 2016 presidential bid on election night in 2012, according to a book out Tuesday from The Hill’s Amie Parnes and Bloomberg’s Jonathan Allen.

According to The Hill, the book, “HRC,” reports that Clinton 2008 staffers Allida Black and Adam Parkhomenko exchanged emails about staring the Ready for Hillary super PAC the very night President Barack Obama won his second term.

The book, as quoted by The Hill, states that Black “believed strongly that if Hillary didn’t like what she was doing, someone high up in Hillaryland would call and say ‘Allida, shut this down!’” It goes on to report that no such order to stop the super PAC’s activities ever came.

Ready for Hillary was never formerly approved by Clinton, but the group dedicated to energizing the grassroots for the possibility of her candidacy still took in more than $4 million in donations last year. It has also rented out the email list used by Clinton’s 2008 campaign.