Hillary Clinton: Voters Will Resolve Washington Gridlock


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday urged voters to reject candidates who tout opposition to compromise at the ballot box.

“Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, it’s important not to vote for people who proudly say they will never compromise,” Clinton said while speaking on sustainability at the Greenbuild International Conference in Philadelphia, as quoted by NBC News.

“It seems our partisan debates have been taken over by a very small minority that doesn’t believe in compromise,” she added, but said she was confident that a “course correction” would resolve partisan gridlock, according to NBC News.

When asked how the gridlocked government could bounce back from its troubles, Clinton, who has faced down unfriendly hecklers on her recent round of the speech circuit, was interrupted by an audience member yelling “Hillary Clinton 2016!”

“There are some hecklers that I would never say anything bad about,” she responded, as quoted by NBC News.