Clinton: ‘Hypothetically Speaking’ I’m Not Interested In Being Anyone’s VP (VIDEO)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told NBC’s Savannah Guthrie Monday that, “hypothetically speaking,” she was not interested in being Vice President.

Guthrie asked Clinton during a town hall in New Hampshire if she would, hypothetically, consider serving as VP.

Clinton laughed and said, “hypothetically speaking, no.”

When asked if she would choose a female VP herself, Clinton replied that she would choose the person best suited for the job based on his or her qualifications.

“The most important choice is if something happens to the president, do you have full confidence that that person will step right in and do a great job for the country,” she told Guthrie. “That’s the most important thing to me and it does not matter who that person is if that’s what I believe about him or her.”

Watch a clip of the conversation: