Hickenlooper On Obama’s Pool Game: ‘The Man Is A Shark’


According to Colorado Gov. John Hicklenlooper, he had no chance against President Obama in a game of pool.

The governor told the audience at a National Governor’s Association conference in Nashville, Tenn. that he “felt pretty good” about his ability to beat Obama going into the game, according to the Wall Street Journal. Hickenlooper said he even thought he might need to let the President win.

“And then, literally before my eyes he ran like four balls,” Hickenlooper said.

“He was making long shots with a difficult angle. I didn’t know people in Hawaii played that much pool. Evidently they do,” he added. “The man is a shark.”

Obama beat Hickenlooper twice, winning $20. But he president returned the bill, telling Hickenlooper to “find a good charity.”