Guest Calls Out Sean Hannity On ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star’s ISIS Remark (VIDEO)

A guest on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program Wednesday night called the host out for not condemning “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson’s “convert them or kill them” strategy for combating the Islamic militants terrorizing Iraq and Syria.

The discussion began with Hannity asking Muslim cleric Muhammad Siddeeq to acknowledge that a list of Islamic extremist groups were terrorist organizations, which is becoming a sort of go-to tactic for the Fox News host.

Siddeeq agreed that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria was a terror group, but wouldn’t classify Hezbollah and Hamas as such.

“I’m a Catholic. If people were killing in the name of my religion, and radicalizing my religion, I would condemn them,” Hannity pressed. “I would think, as a Muslim, you would want to do that.”

“You didn’t condemn the ‘Duck Dynasty’ [guy] yesterday,” Siddeeq countered.

“What about the ‘Duck Dynasty’ yesterday?” Hannity said. “He was talking about radical Islamists, either they change their minds or we have to kill the people that are beheading innocent Americans.”

“Doesn’t that sound like ISIS?” Siddeeq said. “Isn’t that what ISIS is saying?”

Hannity cut off the conversation soon after.

Robertson said Tuesday night on Hannity’s show that while he’d like to convert ISIS militants to Christianity, he thought it would be “next to impossible.”

“I’m not giving up on them, but I’m just saying either convert them or kill them. One or the other,” he said.

As it happens, ISIS militants gave a similar convert-or-die ultimatum to Iraqi Christians when they took control of the city of Mosul.

Watch below:

h/t Mediaite