Rep. Moore Arrested During Minimum Wage Protest


Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) was arrested by West Milwaukee police on Thursday as she joined a minimum wage protest in her district.

Twenty-five people have been arrested so far by police during the “Fight for 15” protests in West Milwaukee, according to the local CBS affiliate. The group advocates for raising the minimum wage and has staged protests across the nation on Thursday.

Steven Greenhouse, who covers labor for The New York Times, also tweeted out a picture of Moore’s arrest.

Moore’s office said the reports they had been getting said that she was about to be released. It’s unclear if she would face any charges. Moore spokesman Eric Harris said the reports they had said she engaged in civil disobedience.

“She sat down in a sit-in on the street on Miller Park Way Road and was asked to move,” Harris told TPM. “We do have reports that West Milwaukee police have been appropriate and there have been no complaints that I can confirm as of right now.”

This story was updated.