Greta Van Susteren Takes On Dem Who Declared ‘War’ On Fox News (VIDEO)

A Democrat planning to challenge House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) took his self-proclaimed “war” on Fox News to “On The Record” on Thursday.

Host Greta Van Susteren brought Mike Dickinson onto the show to explain his critical stance on her network’s coverage since he swore to “go to war” against Fox News on Twitter.

She cut straight to the chase in the interview: “Why do you hate me?”

“Well, I have a problem with all of Fox News,” Dickinson said.

“No, what about me?” Van Susteren pressed. “I’m Fox News. I’m trash, apparently. So what’s the problem with me?”

“I don’t have a problem with you personally,” Dickinson responded. “I have a problem with the company you work for. I think that the facts are misrepresented. Every day is an attack on Obama.”

The two went back and forth until Van Susteren called Dickinson out for misrepresenting his own biography. Dickinson claimed to be the CEO of a strip club organization when he had actually just done consulting work. But even then, the Democrat refused to “give up” his “war” on the network.

“Why are you running?” Van Susteren asked.

“I’m running for office because I think we need politicians who say what they think and who don’t hold back,” Dickinson said. “You should not sugarcoat, you should not lie –“

“You lied to the newspaper, how can you possibly say that to me?” Van Susteren said before concluding Dickinson was a “piece of work.”

Watch below, courtesy of Fox News:

h/t Political Wire

This post was updated after Mediaite raised questions about Dickinson’s candidacy.