Crowd At Trump Rally In Speaker’s Home State Chants ‘Paul Ryan Sucks’ (VIDEO)


Donald Trump’s recent tirades against House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) seem to be catching on. At a Monday rally in the speaker’s home state, a loud chant of “Paul Ryan sucks!” erupted at the start of the rally before the Republican nominee took the stage.

In these chaotic last few weeks of the 2016 election, Trump has placed Ryan in the crosshairs, blaming his dragging poll numbers on the GOP leader’s lack of support his candidacy. Ryan told rank-and-file Republicans he would no longer defend or campaign for Trump after a video leaked of the nominee making predatory comments about women.

In response, Trump has gone after the most powerful elected Republican at campaign rallies and on Twitter, calling him a “weak and ineffective leader” who should stop “fighting the nominee.”

Watch the video below: