Gov’t Report Obtained By NYT Shows US Has Warmed Rapidly Since 1980

Guy Bell/REX/Shutterstock/FEREX

The average temperature in the United States has risen rapidly since 1980 as a result of climate change, according to a government report obtained by the New York Times.

The draft report is a section of the National Climate Assessment compiled by scientists from 13 agencies and has been approved by the National Science Foundation. But the Trump administration has yet to clear it for publication, according to the New York Times.

One scientist who worked on the report told the New York Times that some scientists wanted to leak the report out of concern that the report would be suppressed. President Donald Trump has repeatedly called climate change a “hoax” and pulled out of the Paris climate accord this year.

The report found that even if humans immediately stop greenhouse gas emissions, the average global temperature will still rise this century, according to the Times. The report also found a link between man made climate change and an uptick in extreme weather events, per the Times.

Read the New York Times’ full report here.