Report: GOP Poll Shows Only 34% Think Pryor Deserves Another Term


A new GOP poll in the field last week found that only 34 percent of respondents felt that the incumbent senator deserves another term while 56 percent said that someone else should be given a chance, according to a Politico report published on Wednesday.

On another question, just 35 percent of respondents said they would prefer someone who would help to implement President Barack Obama’s agenda while 54 said they would prefer someone that would help to offer “a check and balance” according to Politico on the president.

The Politico report did not report any other details on the Politico poll such as the margin of error, sample size, or who conducted the poll.

Those findings somewhat conflict with other polling which have shown a fluctuating race but Pryor generally ahead of Cotton by a few points.

In Arkansas, Democratic organizations have spent almost twice as much on GOP groups in the Senate race this election cycle, $7 million to $3.7 million. For Democrats, that spending has tried to portray Cotton as an hard-right Republican who wants to cut social entitlement programs.

The TPM Polltracker average gives Pryor a 3.3 point lead over Cotton.