GOP Accuses Clinton Of ‘Fully Coordinating’ With 2016 Super PACs


The Republican National Committee accused Hillary Clinton on Monday of “fully coordinating” with a pair of super PACs that are supporting her potential campaign for president in 2016.

The accusation came in response to a report by Politico journalist Maggie Haberman, who detailed the “shadow campaign” paving the way for Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton is trying to have it both ways. While she publicly plays coy about her presidential aspirations she’s fully coordinating with two Super PACs preparing for her candidacy,” RNC Press secretary Kirsten Kukowski told TPM Monday. “Something doesn’t smell right, especially from a Democrat Party that routinely makes transparency pledges.”

The Politico article detailed Clinton’s relationships with her inner circle and two super PACs, Ready For Hillary and Priorities USA, that are dedicated supporting her potential 2016 presidential bid. By law, the super PACs, which are not subject to the same contribution limits as campaign committees, are not allowed to directly coordinate with candidates.

Haberman wrote the “two pro-Clinton PACs collided” in their attempts to support Clinton, “forcing her allies to intervene.”

After a phone call from a Priorities official to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, according to Haberman, there was a “series of meetings” between both PACs in which they agreed upon a division of labor.

“They settled on a solution: Ready for Hillary would focus on collecting and analyzing voter data, accepting donations up to $25,000. Priorities would be the super PAC for mega-donors, working solely on paid advertising,” Haberman wrote.