Florida GOPer: My Campaign Signs Were Vandalized With Whiteface

A black Republican congressional candidate in Florida said on Sunday that she found one of her campaign signs vandalized to portray her with whiteface.

Gloreatha “Glo” Scurry-Smith tweeted a photo of her campaign sign on Sunday showing her face carefully covered with white paint.

“This is sad, but I am all for diversity,” the tweet read.

Smith told the National Review for an article published on Monday that she expected some signs to be “tampered with” or stolen, “but not to this extent.”

She announced the incident via social media but has not reported it to the police, according to television station WOFL in Orlando.

On her Facebook page, Smith wrote that she and her family “prayed and talked” about the incident before deciding to share the photo online. “We decided that it was the right thing to do because this is what happens in campaigns,” she wrote.

“Please know that I do not know who did this, nor am I concerned with pointing fingers,” she wrote in a second Facebook post on Sunday. “My desire was to bring awareness, and hopeful (sic) make one think before doing something like this again.”

Smith is running in Florida’s 5th Congressional District to defeat current Rep. Corrine Brown (D). She will face Republican Thuy Lowe in the Republican primary in August.