Fox Fans Hilariously Don’t Share Fox’s Outrage Over Transgender Bathrooms (VIDEO)

“Fox & Friends” just can’t get over a university’s decision to re-label campus bathrooms to accommodate transgender students, but apparently “fans” of the conservative outlet don’t share the morning program’s outrage.

Steve Doocy discovered that in a hilariously awkward piece of live television on Thursday. The co-host ventured outside the midtown-Manhattan studios to round up a handful of people on the street — identified by Doocy as “Fox fans” — to get their reactions to the new bathroom signage at Illinois State University.

The school announced earlier this month that it will replace the “family” signs adorned outside single-stall restrooms and replace them with “all-gender” signs.

The updated signage will include a symbol of a half-man and half-woman, which has Doocy and company pretty confused and unsettled. The hand-picked crew of “Fox fans”? Not so much.

When Doocy asked a boy if he “would have any idea” what the symbol meant, the youngster suggested it might indicate a “family restroom.”

An older man next to the boy agreed.

“I could see that,” he said.

At that point, confident that he had planted the seeds for some righteous indignation, Doocy explained the moral deterioration at Illinois State University.

“See, they were designated as ‘family restrooms’ in the past and now, apparently, they’re going to be known as ‘all-gender’ restrooms,” Doocy explained.

“Does that make sense?” he asked a woman.

It did make sense.

“Restrooms for both genders,” she said cheerily.

Doocy was persistent.

“That’s right. Bathrooms for both genders, or transgenders,” he said, turning to a man in a Pittsburgh Pirates T-shirt. Surely, he shares Doocy’s mixture of confusion and anxiety!

“Transgender, that’s right,” the man replied dully.

Ultimately, a dismayed Doocy kicked it back to the studio, where co-host Brian Kilmeade offered a response that really said it all.

“Well, they’re better people than us,” Kilmeade said. “I could not figure it out and we had the story in front of us. It makes no sense. Why is the torso so big and the dress so small?”

Watch video, via Media Matters: