Fox News Brands Scientific American Editor A ‘Coward’ (VIDEO)

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A Scientific American editor must have struck a nerve over at Fox News this week when he tweeted about having a “Fox & Friends” producer shoot down his idea to talk about the impacts of climate change on the show.

On Thursday morning, the hosts of “Fox & Friends” went off on editor Michael Moyer for tweeting about having an uncomfortable experience on the show. During the segment, they showed a photo of Moyer with text on the screen that labeled him a “‘Scientific’ Coward.”

Hosts Steve Doocy, Anna Kooiman and Brian Kilmeade agreed they had a “nice chat” with Moyer on set when he appeared Wednesday. But they said Moyer apparently didn’t feel the same way.

“Clearly he has a problem with Fox,” Doocy said. “So why did he come on? Clearly, it was just to promote himself, and maybe his magazine as well. But, you know, hashtag classy. We put him on, we have a nice conversation and then he stabs us in the back.”

“The bone that he had to pick with Fox, he said, was that he wanted to come on here and talk all about climate change,” Kooiman added. “Well, our producers decide what we air.”

“We talk about climate change all the time,” Doocy interjected.

Moyer was brought on to talk about future trends in technology. He later tweeted that when he suggested the number one future trend would be the impact of climate change, he was “told to pick something else.” The experience, he told TPM on Wednesday, made him decide against future appearances on the program.

“There are some things that in science and scientific discourse are not controversial at all,” Moyer told TPM. “I hope that we can all as a society agree to at least discuss them and come up with good solutions. Just because you don’t want something to be true doesn’t make it not true.”

Fox News later denied that a producer “specifically” told Moyer that he couldn’t discuss climate change. In response, Moyer told TPM that he had proof: a producer had sent him an email specifically asking, “can we replace the climate change with something else?”

Kooiman said on air Thursday that she enjoyed the topics Moyer was allowed to discuss on the show, like robots driving cars in the future and replacing defective genes, and thought they were “things that actually matter.”

“And we know that some day the Earth will be so hot only robots will survive, so we don’t want to bring it up,” Kilmeade quipped.

On top of all that, the co-hosts called out Moyer’s family for tweeting about the segment and also encouraged their viewers to tweet back at Moyer if they didn’t like the way he handled the appearance.

Watch below, courtesy of Fox News:

Image via Fox News

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Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for jsfox jsfox says:

    Poor Fox can dish it out, but can’t take it. Typical Bully behavior.

  2. so now he’s ‘fair game’, huh Fox.

    “We talk about climate change all the time”

    Yes, with CC deniers. Never with actual scientists who know what they are talking about. Also, too, how CC relates to Al Gore’s girth.

  3. Did he really say that out loud? A grown man said that?

  4. Well hey, they’re the real victims here.

  5. The reason the crew at Fox Not the News is so mad is because Moyer showed them for the incompetent Know-Nothings they are in 140 characters or less; they read THAT stuff.

    Plus, only the liberal media censors people. They NEVER do. They are ‘fair and balanced.’

    Coloring books enrage them too.

    And Benghazi!

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