Fox Host: Trump Wall Is Just ‘A Catchier Way’ Of Talking About Border Security

Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld on Sunday claimed that President Donald Trump’s frequent, strident calls for a physical wall on the U.S.-Mexico border were actually just a metaphor for border security.

“Saying ‘build a wall’ is just a catchier way of saying ‘fix our borders,'” Gutfeld said.

He said Trump negotiated with Democrats to fund “the wall, which is to say border security,” and called the President’s demands for a literal, physical border “his blunt way of raising the issue.”

Gutfeld also compared Trump’s ups and downs to the fluctuation in quality of the “Star Wars” movies.

“He’s like the ‘Star Wars’ franchise,” Gutfeld said. “Sure there are movies within it that you love, but then there are ones that you don’t. But on the whole, the series of films leaves you with a pretty good feeling.”