Fox Hosts Lament Flag Ban: The Elites Are Trying To ‘Crush’ Patriotism

The hosts of “Fox and Friends” on Sunday morning were outraged by a Tennessee school’s decision to ban students from displaying any flag due to the renewed controversy over the Confederate flag.

Though students in Dickson County, Tennessee, will not be able to display banners, including the Confederate flag, though officials will allow schools to display American flags on flag poles.

“This is a about a long-term trend where the people who run everything — the elites in Washington, New York, and L.A. — despise rural America and its culture, suspect anybody who doesn’t live in their cities of being a bigot, and they’re trying to crush that culture by banning its symbols — not just the Confederate flag, but the American flag,” “Fox and Friends” co-host Tucker Carlson said on Sunday. “They hate expressions of patriotism. It makes them uncomfortable.”

Co-host Anna Kooiman chimed in to say that “Americans are feeling guilty” about their patriotism.

“Come on, America, let’s wake up before the American flag ends up in a museum!” she said.

Carlson then added that nobody has tried to ban the rainbow flag.

“It’s a one-way deal. You have one small culture with all the money and all the power in America trying to crush everyone else. It doesn’t go both ways,” he said.

Watch the “Fox and Friends” clip via Raw Story: