Fox Host Trashes Patricia Arquette’s Oscar Speech, Hollywood ‘Luxury’ (VIDEO)

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Fox News’ “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld on Monday slammed actress Patricia Arquette for her speech at the Oscars calling for wage equality in the U.S.

“Now one could point out that single childless women in their twenties earn more than their male counterparts, that it’s not about equal rights. Wage discrimination after all is illegal,” Gutfeld said after playing a clip of Arquette’s speech.

The Fox host then compared the wage gap to life expectancy.

“Women live nearly five years longer than men. If this were reversed, could you imagine the outcry? We would talk about life disparity, not wage disparity. We’d protest against the life ceiling, not the glass ceiling, and demand that men die sooner just for the sake of equality,” he said.

Gutfeld concluded by suggesting that Arquette’s speech was hypocritical.

“But if Hollywood wants to talk about equality, look at their two worlds: one of dramatic concern on the Oscars and the other of absurd luxury. Their gift bags cost $125,000 each. That’s more than they par their maids, their drivers, their leaf blowers, their hookers combined,” he said. “So as the Oscars trash America, the world outside is going nuts. Women are being enslaved by a death cult or stoned to death for adultery. True, there may be women in Syria who would have applauded the Oscar’s speeches if ISIS hadn’t chopped off their hands for using cell phones.”

Watch the video via Breitbart:

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  1. Ah, yes, that very special Republican definition of the word “hypocrisy.” The one where it’s “hypocritical” for rich people to decry low tax rates on rich people because they haven’t voluntarily given all their money to the government or for them to ask for things like pay equity for others because they make a lot themselves.

  2. “True, there may be women in Syria who would have applauded the Oscar’s speeches if ISIS hadn’t chopped off their hands for using cell phones.”

    Ah, the shopworn appeal to emotion. What does wanting equal pay for women in the US have to do with ISIS? Is Fox saying that as long as there are terrorists in the world, American women just have to suck it up and stop complaining about how troglodytes like Greg treat them?

  3. So many flaws in his thinking, so little time. For one, wage inequality is the product of gender discrimination. Men dying younger has nothing to do with gender discrimination.

    I am surprised he did not say only men get prostate cancer, and this is totally unfair!

  4. Avatar for ajm ajm says:

    While men are more biologically feeble than women (more male fetuses die in the womb), feminists have long believed that the unequal treatment of women put a undue strains on men. As the sole wage earner for a family, a man could not quit when his health required it for example. And indeed “the difference in life expectancy between men and women in the United States dropped from 7.8 years in 1979 to 5.3 years in 2005.”

    In addition, men chose to use some of their greater economic resources for such things as nicotine and alcohol.

  5. Avatar for wwss wwss says:

    So I’m assuming that this fine, upstanding gentleman has done just as much as Patricia Arquette to help the disadvantaged earthquake vicitms in Haiti … as well as … oh why the fuck bother. This man is a total waste of human skin.

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