Fox Analyst: It’s Not Sexist To Speculate About Chelsea’s Baby And 2016 (VIDEO)

Fox News media analyst Laura Ashburn on Sunday suggested Hillary Clinton planned for her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, to announce her pregnancy as a way to fuel speculation for her potential White House bid in 2016.

Fox News’ “Media Buzz” host Howard Kurtz asked a panel if the media over-analyzed the pregnancy announcement.

“You’ve been in this town for how many years, and you don’t have a cynical bone in your body?” Ashburn responded. “I think a lot of reporters think maybe this was planned.”

Ashburn then said that Hillary Clinton’s age is a factor in her potential campaign for president.

“We do have to realize that this is Hillary Clinton, she’s most likely running for president. It hasn’t been good for her. A lot of people say she’s too old. And so, there is coverage,” she said.

Kurtz then noted that presidential candidate Mitt Romney had numerous grandchildren when he ran for president.

“Isn’t this kind of sexist?” Kurtz asked.

“Are you baiting me? What is that called? Sex baiting? Or sexist baiting?” Ashburn responded. “No, of course it’s not.”

Multiple media figures made the point last week that Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy probably would not have fueled as much 2016 speculation if Hillary Clinton were a man.

Watch the Fox News clip via Raw Story: