Fourteenth Woman Comes Forward Alleging Harassment By San Diego Mayor


A city employee became the fourteenth woman to come forward Thursday alleging harassment by San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (D).

Stacy, who only provided her first name, told KOGO 600 about an incident where she approached the mayor at a community event. She claims that Filner forcefully grabbed both her hands around her wrists and said, “Well, I just want to make this clear, I’m not asking you out on a business lunch, I’m asking you out on a date…When I see a beautiful woman, I always have to go over and talk to her.”

When Stacy told her staffers about what occurred, Filner allegedly came behind her, put one arm around her neck and tightened his hold with the other arm, putting her in a choke hold. Stacy said Filner then asked her staff if he should name her ‘Employee of the Day.’ Filner then looked at Stacy, told her she was turning red and walked away laughing, according to her account.

Stacy claims Filner called her office soon after, but she didn’t answer. She has filed a claim with the city.

(h/t San Diego 6)