You Must Be Pro-Life To Be A Front Page Contributor At Erick Erickson’s RedState

If you want to break into Erick Erickson’s cadre of front page contributors at RedState — the conservative blog that launched 10 years ago today — you must pass the site’s only acid test.

Erickson wrote Friday that the blog actually welcomes a diversity of opinion among its front page contributors on everything from same-sex marriage to immigration. But the RedState editor-in-chief said there’s one unbendable rule that those contributors must follow.

“And it is a very simple rule: To be a front page contributor at RedState, one must be pro-life,” Erickson wrote. “There can be no compromise on the idea that life is sacred and we are all made in the image of the living God. The moment that rule dies, so too does this site. It is our one rule and will remain so.”

Erickson said that the contributors have all formed a pact.

“Should our front page rule be abandoned, we will all abandon RedState,” he wrote. “It is, in effect, our kill switch on this site.”

Those who don’t adhere to the policy, Erickson wrote, may “occasionally post on the front page, but they are never allowed to join our small fraternity of front page contributors.”

Erickson is very public about his Christian faith, which affects his views on both abortion and gay rights. In May, he announced that he was accepted to the Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta.