Warren Shreds GOP Sen. For Flip-Flop: Trump ‘Sure Has Made Ayotte Dance’


An amped-up Elizabeth Warren shredded Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) for her on-again, off-again support of Donald Trump at a Monday rally.

“Donald Trump sure has made Kelly Ayotte dance,” she joked at a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton at St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. “Day one, she loves him. Day two, hates him. Day three she’s back with him. Boy, spins around and around.”

The Massachusetts senator noted that Ayotte stood by Trump when he called Mexicans “rapists,” attacked a Gold Star family, and even attacked Ayotte herself as “weak” for her tepid support of his campaign.

“During a debate a couple of weeks ago when she called Donald Trump a role model for kids,” Warren told the crowd. “But now, Donald Trump’s not doing so well, and Kelly is running as fast as she can away from him.”

After her debate-night comment made headlines, Ayotte issued a statement explaining that Trump was not, in fact, a role model for children. She then retracted her support for the Republican nominee after a 2005 video leaked in which Trump bragged about groping women without their consent.

As many other Democrats have done in recent days, Warren argued that vulnerable Republicans only now renouncing the controversial nominee are taking their stands too late.

“Donald Trump is right,” Warren said. “Kelly is weak. And that’s why a tough, smart fighter like your Governor Maggie Hassan is going to win on Nov. 8.”

Hassan is slightly ahead in the Granite State’s close Senate race, taking 45.9 percent to Ayotte’s 42.4 percent, according to TPM’s PollTracker Average: