Emails Show GOP Guv Group Sought Docs On Ohio Dem’s Late-Night Stop


Democratic gubernatorial Ed FitzGerald claimed at a press conference Friday that there were emails from the Republican Governors Association linking the organization to efforts to spread a report that FitzGerald was with a woman who was not his wife in a parked car before dawn in October 2012.

FitzGerald, at the press conference, said that Westlake Mayor Dennis Clough (R) was working with the RGA to find damaging information about him. Clough denied being involved, but he said he did receive public-records requests concerning the emails.

The FitzGerald campaign on Friday provided those emails between the Westlake Police Department and the RGA, reported at

A collection of about 20 emails published by shows the Republican Governors Association’s Kevin Wright corresponding with Westlake Police Department officials in trying to get audio records related to the police call about FitzGerald when he was seen in the car as well as phone logs, text messages, calendars, and emails between Andrea Rocco, the Clerk of Courts for Cuyahoga County, and FitzGerald.

One email, for instance, includes the line from former Police Chief Richard Wallings which said “The dirt somebody was looking for was that this was Fitzgerald and Andrea Rocco. I spoke to the officers and Andrea Rocco was not in the car.”

You can read all the emails here.