East Coast Guvs Call Out Rust Belt For Pollution: ‘They’re Getting Away With Murder’


Eight Democratic governors representing states on the East Coast intend to petition the Environmental Protection Agency on Monday in an effort to curb pollution in states located in the Midwest and Rust Belt, the New York Times reported.

The governors are aiming to crack down on pollution in regions of the country dominated by coal plants and factories and where environmental regulations tend to be lax.

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy (D), who is leading the effort, said that the pollution from those states invariably affects people in other states.

“I care about this because it’s put Connecticut at an economic disadvantage,” Malloy told the Times. “We’re paying a lot of money to remove these compounds from the air. That money is reflected in higher energy costs. We’re more than willing to pay that, but the states we’re petitioning should have to follow the same rules.”

“They’re getting away with murder,” Malloy added. “Only it’s in our state, not theirs.”

The Supreme Court this week will hear arguments on the Obama administration’s regulations to cut greenhouse gas emissions, including the so-called “good neighbor” rule requiring states to reduce coal pollution that drifts into other states.