Drudge Runs Fictional Story About Bloomberg, Pizza

A fictional article about New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg ended up featured on Friday on The Drudge Report, according to Gawker

The story was originally published by the satirical news website The Daily Currant under this headline: “Bloomberg Refused Second Slice of Pizza at Local Restaurant.” The fake news story reported that the mayor was denied a slice of pizza in Brooklyn over his proposed soda ban.

“NO PIZZA FOR YOU!” was the top headline on Drudge. As of this writing, the top story on Drudge was the monthly jobs report, and there was no mention of pizza anywhere on the page. To see a screen grab of Drudge’s pizza page, see The Atlantic Wire‘s post.

Drudge is far from the first news site to be duped by The Daily Currant. In February, the Washington Post picked up a story from the site that claimed Sarah Palin was signing on with Al Jazeera English. And in March, a fake story claiming that Paul Krugman was filing for bankruptcy ended up on the Boston Globe website, under a partnership with a financial news content provider. The bankruptcy story originated on The Daily Currant.

h/t @nycsouthpaw.