Domestic Dispute Ends In Fatal Shooting Of 6-Month-Old Child

A Knox County, Tenn. couple face charges in the fatal shooting of their 6-month-old child, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported Thursday.

Ken Mason, 40, and Angela Major, 26, have been charged with reckless homicide, according to court records. A friend who was on the phone with Major at the time of the incident heard the couple struggling over a gun, which then went off and hit their daughter Kelsey in the head, according to an arrest warrant.

The court records showed that Major had a prior criminal history in the county, while a Knox County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said the father, Mason, was originally arrested on an outstanding warrant for “failing to obey court orders.” Investigators did not tell the News Sentinel what caused the altercation, what type of pistol was recovered at the scene, nor how many shots were fired.