DNC Targets Chris Christie As He Begins Term As Chairman Of Republican Governors Association


The Democratic National Committee is setting its sights on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as he makes first fundraising appearance for Oklahoma’s Republican governor as chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

The DNC released a new web ad Thursday linking Christie to Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R). Christie is set to appear as a special guest at a fundraiser for Fallin. The appearance marks one of the first ones Christie will make as the new chairman of the RGA.

Text in the ad reads:

This week he’s helping Mary Fallin. What are her priorities?

1. She called the DREAM Act “amnesty.”
2. She signed unprecedented limits on women’s healthcare.
3. Now she’s ending spousal benefits for her state’s national guard…just to keep them from LGBT service members.

The ad continued “but for Christie, electing governors like Mary Fallin is his “sole focus.”

The video then features a clip of Christie saying his priority as chairman of the Republican Governors Association is to “elect and re-elect Republican governors and that’s going to be my sole focus.”

Watch the ad below: