Democrats Hit Christie For His ‘Late-Night Talk Show Schtick’


Democrats took a shot on Thursday at the parade of Republican governors who have spent part of this week conferencing and holding press talks at the annual meeting of the Republican Governors Association.

The association elected New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as its new chairman at the meeting in Arizona, and a slate of GOP governors have held news conferences teeing off on Democrats and the dysfunctional politics of Washington, D.C.

In an email to TPM, a spokesman with the Democratic Governor’s Association used the spectacle to hit Christie and the other Republicans.

Unlike Christie, other Republican governors “won’t be able to distract from their failed records with late-night talk show schtick,” Democratic spokesman Danny Kanner said in the email. “Voters across the country will reject the DC-style partisanship, ‘reward the rich’ economic policies, and radical social agenda being brought to them by Republican governors, so Christie would be wise to focus on that harsh reality instead of himself, for once.” 

In his speech at the conference, Christie referred to his long rumored presidential ambitions and said he planned to focus on his work with the association and as governor of New Jersey.

“(The election of) 2016 is a long way away and I’m two weeks out of a campaign,” said Christie, who was elected to a second term earlier this month.”I’m not looking to start speculating about other campaigns already.”