Des Moines Register Poll: Obama By 5 In Iowa

President Obama leads in the state of Iowa, according to the well-respected Des Moines Register poll. Obama gets 47 percent to Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s 42 percent in their final poll of the cycle, conducted by Iowa-based Selzer & Co. Romney is seen as the candidate most likely to unite people with political differences, but most of the survey is good news for the president, especially on the all-important early vote. From the Register:

Not only does he [Obama] lead in the horse race, he inspires more confidence than Romney in handling relations with other countries, and he bests Romney considerably in four of five character traits tested.

The poll shows that 42 percent of likely voters have already cast ballots, including more than half of all seniors who plan to participate in this election. That’s a striking difference from four years ago, when the Iowa Poll showed only 28 percent had mailed in an absentee ballot or voted at a local elections office or satellite station at this point.