Conservative Hopes To Break Through With New ‘Death Row Jesus’ Film

From the creator of the unforgettable “Tatoo Jesus” comes a new cinematic masterpiece: “Death Row Jesus.”

This project is the latest brainchild of David Miller, founder of Little Pencil Ministries, who aired his first video “Tatoo Jesus” last fall alongside a billboard campaign in Lubbock, Texas, KCBD reported. Miller is currently in the midst of a legal battle with the school district in Lubbock over its refusal to allow his “Tattoo Jesus” billboards to be displayed during football games.

Death Row Jesus” is scheduled to premiere nationwide on Wednesday, although what appears to be a full-length version is already available on YouTube (see below). The video shows Jesus being sentenced to the death penalty as other inmates are set free and illustrates the concept that, in the words of Miller, “Christ became the worst criminal in history when he took our mistakes on himself.”

Miller said his message is “non-traditional” and not what you’d expect a church to endorse but stated that his product is ultimately “everlasting” and “life-changing.”

“When people think about Jesus, they don’t think about him being on death row, but if you think about what he did when he was on the earth, that’s really the experience he had,” Miller said. “He was completely innocent, yet he was put to this cruel, painful death.”

Watch the trailer for “Death Row Jesus”:

Here’s the earlier “Tatoo Jesus” video: