Ohio Attorney General Candidate Paid About $10,000 In Parking Fines


The Democratic candidate for attorney general in Ohio, David Pepper, paid about $10,000 in parking fines over the last 14 years, according to the Associated Press.

Records reviewed by the Associated Press found that Pepper (pictured) had paid 180 tickets in that period. The tickets were mostly for expired parking meters or parking in truck loading only or no parking zones. Pepper, the Associated Press noted, was also ticketed about a dozen times for expired license plates.

The records reviewed by the Associated Press showed that Pepper paid $9,229 for 182 tickets in the last 14 years or so.

Pepper is running against Attorney General Mike DeWine (R).

Pepper campaign spokesman Peter Koltak said the attorney general candidate got a lot of the tickets while he was going to late meetings.

“Amid a hectic schedule, mostly years back, David got too many tickets, and he paid them,” Koltak said. “He’s happy to debate old parking tickets versus Mike DeWine’s current practices as attorney general.”

The review by the Associated Press showed that, on average, he was cited for a ticket about 13 times a year with the most recent citation being in July. The majority of the tickets came between 2007 and 2009 during Pepper’s time as county commissioner. The fines generally ranged from $14 to $100.