CNN Reporter: Male Senators Commented On My ‘Figure’ Too (VIDEO)

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D-NY) stories about being called “porky” by her male colleagues didn’t surprise CNN’s chief congressional correspondent Dana Bash, who said lawmakers also made inappropriate comments about her post-baby body.

“It’s very generational,” Bash argued Thursday. “I can’t even think of one lawmaker in either party in either chamber who would do this who’s maybe 50 years old or younger.”

“After I had my son three years ago, I got some comments that would maybe just blow you away from male senators,” she added. “Maybe not realizing they were saying inappropriate things, but talking about getting my figure back and things like that.”

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell addressed Gillibrand’s revelations Thursday as well.

“We all had our stories of whom you’d not get in an elevator with and whom you’d protect your young female interns from,” Mitchell said of her time as a reporter covering the Senate, adding that some of those former senators were eventually “expelled.”

Watch below:

h/t Huffington Post