‘Daily Show’ Breaks Down Ted Cruz’s ‘Cute’ Take On Global Warming (VIDEO)

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“The Daily Show” broke down presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) “cute” take on the data behind rising global temperatures on Monday night’s episode.

“What Ted Cruz has done here is kinda cute,” host Trevor Noah said. “You see, he’s technically correct, that according to the satellite data, there hasn’t been a significant increase in global temperatures in 18 years. But we don’t usually measure in time periods of 18 years unless you’re calculating child support.”

Rising global temperatures have to be measured over greater time periods.

“That’s the only way the data works in his favor,” Noah said.

Watch the clip, from Comedy Central, below:

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Notable Replies

  1. A bucket of cold water and Raphael open to facts just might kill him.

    Can we try it?

  2. Caitlin, don’t worry, we don’t hold your cousin’s views against you.

  3. Everytime I see that gun bacon clip, I fill with rage and want to jump thru the TV and beat his stupid fucking face in! I wish he ate that raw bacon and got food poisoning! I have much more hateful things to say, but I will take the high road.

  4. Near 200 countries sign onto an agreement that the earth’s temperature must be held to within 1.5C for us to be sustainable. 99% of climate scientists say the climage is changing and it’s human caused. Yet Cruz is in denial. Personally I’d like to have a reality based person in office.

  5. Avatar for bd2999 bd2999 says:

    Actually, there are more problems than just the arbitrary starting point at a hot year. He is only using one of three sets of satellite, and the one run by the climate deniers. There data has been indicated to be faulty at least five times in the past by others. The other two are in much better agreement with ocean and land temperature increase observations.

    So, he is cherry picking one data source from one group that happens to meet his claims. When it is honestly probably the least trust worthy source to believe on the matter. Not to mention that the “hiatus” thing does not really mean the same thing in the literature as it does to others. It is still an increase, but some observations were of a slow down, not a pause.

    And really, there have been six articles in this past year that indicate that the whole idea of one in the first place is untrue based on the actual evidence. And slight variation in the way measurements are observed. So really, there is no way that is he is correct on really any point.

    But it is particularly shady to pull one narrow region of a graph and show it as a flat line out of context with the rest of the graph and present it as absolute fact. If his parents were scientists they should be ashamed of him.

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