‘Daily Show’ Goes Somber In Opening Monologue For Paris (VIDEO)

Trevor Noah turned serious during the opening monologue of Monday’s episode of “The Daily Show” for his tribute to the victims of the attacks in Paris.

“I feel like our lives are defined by moments: dinner with family, taking a nice drive together, friends gathering at somebody’s house to watch Rhonda get kicked in the neck,” Noah said. “And I think the reason it’s so painful is often terrorism seeks to replace these moments with death and fear.”

The attacks across central Paris on Friday killed 129.

“We’re all afraid. We replace that fear with anger a lot of the time, but I think what we should try to do is not focus on the perpetrators,” Noah said.

What impressed Noah the most, he said, was the resiliency Parisians showed in the days after the attacks.

“The people of Paris showed us that the only way to overcome inhumanity is through humanity,” Noah said.

Watch the clip, from Comedy Central, below: