‘Daily Show’ Points Out Hypocrisy In IA’s Proposed Bill For Kids To Use Handguns (VIDEO)

“The Daily Show” showed the hypocrisy on Tuesday night’s episode of a proposed piece of Iowa legislation that would lessen the requirements for children and teens to use firearms in the Hawkeye State.

The Iowa House of Representatives advanced a bill on Feb. 23 that would eliminate the age requirement for children to use firearms under parental supervision.

“Just to get this straight: So some guy picked up the phone and called the lawmaker and said, ‘Hey, my kids need guns.’ And they were like, ‘Done!’ And everyday in America, there’s parents calling lawmakers saying, ‘Hey, my kids died because of guns!’ And they’re like, ‘Uhhh… Can you hold?'” Noah said before hanging up his hand-phone.

“Yeah, not as funny is it?” Noah added.

Watch the clip, from Comedy Central, below: