Cuccinelli: Christie Should Step Down As RGA Chair (VIDEO)


Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) on Tuesday called on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) to step down from his role as Chairman of the Republican Governors Association due to the the impact the bridge scandal could have on fellow Republicans in other states.

“I think just from the perspective of setting aside this as an issue in other races, it makes sense for him to step aside in that role,” Cuccinelli, who lost the Virginia gubernatorial race in November to Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), said on CNN’s “Crossfire.” “He does not serve the goals of that organization by staying as chairman.”

The conservative firebrand said that while he doesn’t know whether Christie was involved in the George Washington Bridge lane closures, the perception of the governor right now could have a negative impact on the party.

“That doesn’t mean any of the charges, political or otherwise, are substantive or not. It doesn’t matter. Perception is reality,” he added.

When asked why Christie has not stepped down as RGA chair, Cuccinelli said that it’s still early and that the governor may still decide to do so.

“Well, frankly I think this is still relatively new. And he may well step down. I have no idea what his thinking is on that,” he said. “And he may get some counsel from some other governors along those lines.”

Watch the video via the Democratic Governors Association: