Crossroads GPS Urges Immigration Overhaul In New Ad

The Karl Rove-backed activist group Crossroads GPS launched a new ad Wednesday urging Americans to “tell Congress to fix the immigration mess.” 

Stirring up conservative sentiment, the ad alleges that millions of Americans live in “de facto amnesty” as Congress “does nothing” to address the immigration issue. The ad also echoes an argument that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has made in suggesting the nation’s “porous border” threatens security. 

Last week, the group kicked off a $100,000 ad blitz supporting the overhaul of immigration laws with a full-page print ad.

“The Senate immigration bill needs an ‘extreme makeover’ before we can say it really protects our borders and our workers, but it’s important that Congress move forward on it and not just throw up its hands,” Crossroads GPS’ CEO Steven Law said in a statement, as quoted by Yahoo News.

Watch the ad below: