Cory Booker Assists With Marriage Proposal

Newark, N.J. Mayor Cory Booker (D) on Wednesday used his influence to bolster a supporter’s marriage proposal, BuzzFeed reported.

The plan was put in motion by Israel Burns, a 26-year-old lawyer who lives and works in New York City. Burns took to Twitter on Tuesday night to ask Booker, a prolific user of the social media service, if he could help out with the proposal.

“I am a romantic,” Booker responded. “Please DM me. Sounds fun.” 

Burns said he and his love interest, Misha Wright, are both big Booker fans. He asked the popular mayor if he would be in New York City on Wednesday night. Booker said he wouldn’t, but still wanted to make an effort to help. The couple met Wednesday at the annual dinner for the Asian American Bar Association of New York at Cipriani Wall in Manhattan, where the plan was executed.

From BuzzFeed:

After connecting by phone — “his vibe was excited to help out,” Burns said of the call — he and the mayor came up with a game plan. Booker wouldn’t appear in person at the event, but would make a cameo, by phone. “At the event, I’m going to tell her I’m going to the bathroom and have her hold my cell phone,” said Burns. “At 6:50 p.m., Cory is gonna call and tell her that he found me at the event and that she should come upstairs to the second floor, at the VIP section.”

Speaking to BuzzFeed before the proposal, Burns said, “She is gonna freak out, and sprint upstairs,” he said. “We personally admire the work that he’s done in Newark in terms of revitalizing the political youth, so we are big fans.”

But instead of Booker waiting upstairs, it would be Burns, with two glasses of champagne, a ring, and a poem he wrote for the occasion, he said.

Wright, it turned out, said yes.