Colbert: The ‘Fox And Friends’ Have Ebola! (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert noted on Thursday’s “Colbert Report” that the deadly Ebola epidemic Americans have been hearing about for weeks has finally left “Whocaresistan” and arrived in America.

“I won’t be fooled into staying calm by the so-called ‘experts’ with their so-called ‘medical degrees’ and their so-called ‘fingers,'” Colbert said. “And neither will the ‘Fox and Friends.'”

Colbert freaked out after playing a clip of an infectious disease expert who coughed while urging Americans to stay calm on “Fox and Friends.”

“Did you hear that cough?!” he exclaimed. “Did you hear that cough?! Come on! She clearly has Ebola. And so, now so do all the ‘Fox and Friends.'”

“Fortunately, folks, for every medical professional out there reassuring us, there’s a TV professional re-scaring us,” Colbert added. “And with our government just clueless about this crisis, once again, it falls to the pundit sector to solve it.”

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Comedy Central: