GOP Sen. Pisses Off Tea Party By Saying He Doesn’t Know About It


Supporters of Sen. Thad Cochran’s (R-MS) conservative primary challenger released a new web video of the senator in which he said he does not know a lot about the tea party.

The Club for Growth released a new web video Tuesday featuring Cochran’s remarks, which he made in an interview with Mississippi’s WLOX. The Club for Growth’s political action committee has endorsed McDaniel.

“The tea party, you know, isn’t something I really know a lot about,” Cochran is clipped saying in the 10-second web ad. The ad then pivots to state Sen. Chris McDaniel (R-MS), Cochran’s primary challenger, saying “well, perhaps’ it’s time for an introduction.”

The interview in which the clip was based on was published on Monday.

McDaniel took a subtle jab at Cochran in response.

“It’s a shame because the Tea Party is a mass movement of people that really care about this country,” McDaniel said according to WLOX.

McDaniel’s campaign twitter account also highlighted the comments with a youtube video that has since been deleted.

Watch the Club for Growth clip below: