Black GOP Candidate Defends Cliven Bundy’s Racist Screed (VIDEO)


The only black candidate in the Republican primary for the open Georgia Senate seat, has backed up Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who, among other things, went on a racist rant about how blacks are “better off as slaves” instead of depending on government assistance.

In a new YouTube clip, the candidate, Derrick Grayson, said that he had been making a similar argument to Bundy for a while.

Here are his comments, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

When he talked about black people being enslaved, I have been saying this for the last eight years — by liberal Democrat policies. I don’t understand what the problem is. Oh, I get it. I can say it, but a white person can’t. A white person say it, the press is going to use it. Especially when that white person is engaged in something or involved in something that demonstrates how the government has overstepped its bounds. …

Under slavery, families were ripped apart, and it was a desire of black men and black women to be together with their loved ones. Family meant something. Spouses meant something. Well, what did government policies do? It broke up the black family, told the black family: ‘Hey, if you want to receive this welfare check, the man can’t be in the household.’ Huh?

Talk about government policies. In 1965, prior to that, illegitimacy in then black community was less than 13 percent. Today it’s over 70 percent. Government liberal Democrat policies. The man was just simply telling you the truth. Jesus.

Grayson is a long shot candidate for the GOP nomination in the Senate race. He has suggested that he would try and impeach President Barack Obama if given the chance.

Watch video of Grayson below: