Clinton Is Projected Winner In North Carolina’s Democratic Primary


NBC and the Associated Press are projecting that Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic primary in North Carolina.

After spending days reminding voters to show up to the polls even if they showed her leading, Clinton is expected to win there.

Clinton spent election day in North Carolina where she met with voters at polling stations and encouraged them to remind others to go to the polls even if it looked like she had the advantage on election day.

“Sometimes the reporting of polls, some might say, well, my candidate is doing so well, I don’t need to come out,” Clinton said, according to the Washington Post. “But everybody should come out. There’s so much at stake in this election.”

TPM’s PollTracker Average showed Clinton with a more than 20-point lead over Sanders, but this week, the Clinton campaign was not taking any thing for granted.

Clinton’s victory will allow her to keep moving forward in the march against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who closed a double-digit gap in Michigan last week and won there. Clinton has tried to gain a definitive lead in recent weeks as she hopes to end the primary contest and turn her focus to the general election. A win in North Carolina could also be a major boost for Clinton’s general election campaign where an early investment in the swing state could give her an edge.