Clinton: Trump Would’ve Called George Washington A ‘Loser’ For Stepping Down


Hillary Clinton suggested Tuesday that Donald Trump is seeking absolute power in running for president, saying that he would have called George Washington “a loser” for stepping down after leading the country for eight years.

During a rally in Coconut Creek, Florida, Clinton spoke about how Trump contradicts American values by proposing a religious test for immigrants entering the U.S., pushing back against the freedom of the press and refusing to confirm that he’d accept the results of the November election if he loses.

“Donald Trump is attacking everything that has set our country apart for 240 years,” she said. “After spending his entire campaign attacking one group of Americans after another: Immigrants, African-Americans, Latinos, women, POWs, Muslim and people with disabilities. Now, his final target is democracy itself.”

She said that Trump’s values would have ran up against those of America’s first president because he stepped down after eight years on the job, establishing a precedent for term limits. Clinton said Trump would have called Washington a “loser” for not wanting to be a king.

“I think this all started when George Washington refused to become a king, right? Now, Donald Trump probably would have called him a loser,” she said. “Instead that was one of the most important decisions any president has ever made. Eight years, it’s time to move on.”

“We fought a revolution so that we would not have a king,” Clinton continued. “We would not be subjects, we would be independent citizens, I cherish that idea.”